What to consider before hiring house painting services

The best house painting services do not come on a silver platter.  Every home needs a fresh coat of paint some time down the line, to help protect it from elements and continue looking good. Before hiring local painting contractors to offer you house painting services in MA, there are some things you need to have in mind to ensure your house painting services go smoothly and seamlessly.

Hiring Professional services

Before going the DIY style, consider your skill levels and see if you can achieve your goal. However, there are many benefits of hiring professional house painting services such as: It is time saving, safer, better quality delivery and faster. If you consider hiring a pro, the contract should include the job description and products for use such as type of paint, priming and primer type, number of coats and amount of surface preparation. Ensure you hire the best local painting contractors by relying on recommendations, internet research and review websites.


Insurance and license

Painting is generally a safe exercise, but you must not take chances. Ensure the local painting contractor is insured and has a proper license so that you do not remain liable for any injury obtained while on your premise. It also helps you feel safe and assured of their service.

Crew size

The size of the crew speaks volume about them. More members means reliability and speedy work as compared to a one-man job.

Prepare for the paint

Check the lead paint, since most houses have a lead paint. This applies mostly to old houses.

Make necessary preparations such as cleaning dirty walls. Soap scum and greasy walls interfere with paint adhesion and make paint to peel, crack or chip easily. In preparation, ensure you also pick paint. If it is both interior and exterior painting, select according to your taste.  Bright colors make rooms appear more spacious while dull colors make rooms appear smaller. Choose your paint color with the perceived space in mind. Expert advice is important if you do not trust your choice of colors. Testing is also advisable, so that you do not get stuck with a color that you do not like. If you intend to sell your house, settle for neutral colors. Agree on finishing and clean up services as part of the contract.

Get estimates       

It is only safer to get house painting quotes before the job gets started. This is because if your painter fails to do an in-house survey of surface to be painted prior, you may be shocked later when you have to spend more than you had budgeted for.  Also ensure you ask for extra costs such as furniture moving costs, or if your house has extremely high walls.

Your schedule

The local painting contractors that you hire to offer you house painting services in MA must be flexible enough to fit into your schedule. For instance, check if they can work in the evening after work or on weekends, since you need to be around when the work is done. Either way, ensure you leave someone behind whose judgment you can trust to monitor as the work gets done.