Painting Interiors; Prep Is The Key Step


Either you have previously done it or trying for the first time, the goal is always a “flawless paint job”. The task is easier said than done, but obviously not an impossible one. Painting house interiors together with your family can be a fun way to connect with each other.

You don’t need rocket science to achieve a commendable paint job. Understanding a few tips and tricks before you start painting helps you a lot. You can avoid mistakes and reduce risks to quite a satisfactory level. But if you don’t like experimenting with new things, give us a call and we would provide you with the best residential painter.

interior painting of a house

If you have decided to do the interior painting job yourself, the key step is to prep. This key step is cumulative of smaller steps and failing at one sub-step could result in unsatisfactory results at the end.

1. Devise A Plan

Decide on what is crucial for this painting job and how much will it cost. Make a budget for the possible expenses. Do not be too idealistic and oversimplify things. Have a trip to the market and get ideas about the costs involved. A detailed analysis beforehand could save you from inconveniences midway.

 2. Get The Tools

No job can be carried out in its best possible way without the tools and gadgets. Either buy all the tools or borrow them from some friend. Or you can have a mix of both. Include ladders, paintbrushes, rollers, painters tape, painting trays, drop cloths, extension poles and sandpapers in the list.

3. Buy The Perfect Paint

Know your options of paint qualities and types before you buy it. Once you have decided about the color and type it is time to calculate the amount of paint you will need. You can seek help from a professional for estimating or use online resources for calculating it.

4. Pack The Furniture And Other Items

Before jumping on the ladder for painting interiors, it is essential to protect your furniture and other valuable items. Use drop cloths to cover all appliances and bigger furniture items. It is recommended to move smaller furniture into other rooms. Otherwise, you will be left with a small space for yourself and the ladder.

5. Protect Doors, Windows, And Floors

Cover the door knobs and switchboards with painting tape in order to avoid paint marks on them. Use window caulking. Securing the floors with paper drop cloths with tape could save you a lot of time and work once the job is completed.

interior painting of a house

6. Prepare The Walls

If you have old wallpaper, remove it completely. Scrape off the paint flanks. Preparing the walls means repairing the walls. Fill any holes and even out bumps using the sandpaper.

7. Apply Appropriate Primer

Applying the appropriate primer is the most important step of preparing. Priming your walls could lead you to amazing painted interiors. The primer provides the fine finish and it would appear as you had hired house painting services.

Things to consider when painting your house walls

Whether it is a newly built house or a house that needs a fresh coat of painting, a touch of professionalism is all you need to turn your dream house into reality. However, there are things to consider when you want to paint your house walls.

Choice of color

Regardless of whether you want to paint a residential or commercial building, the choice of color is so essential that you cannot afford to mess. It speaks volumes about your personality, taste and decision making skills. Color is also important when you want to perceive space. Dull colors tend to recede, thus closing in and making rooms appear smaller, whereas bright colors advance, thus making rooms appear larger. Choice of paint is also determined by the function of the building. For instance, the walls of a baby nursery can be painted in baby blue or baby pink colors with drawings, while the walls of a hospital are not advisable to painted in red or black. Expert advice comes in handy when selecting paint color for house wall paintings.


Color mixing

Go for computerized color mixing which is more accurate than manual color mixing which is prone to errors. Computerized color mixers are available at almost all hardware shops for a small fee. Color cards are also available for free, which will help you choose the appropriate color code for your house wall painting. When choosing and mixing color, ensure you understand the terminology, test your choices, unify your colors, set the mood and don’t don’t forget lighting.

Purpose of Painting

Decide on whether you want low budget and optimal quality tenancy painting or high budget and high quality painting for personal use. For your own house makeover, high sheen and superior products can give your house a smooth finish. A few textured walls can also add depth and beauty to your house. However, for sale or tenancy, matte finish is the perfect solution since they can easily be repainted.

Property size

Your painting contractor will give you estimates depending on the size of your property since that determines the amount of paint needed. Extra costs may apply for house walls that exceed normal heights. It also depends on whether it is a new house that needs full painting, an old house that needs an overhaul or just a room that needs fresh wall paints.

Material consumption      

Understand the amount of painting material consumption that your house walls will take. This will save you from incurring too much unnecessary expenses and also from exploitative contractors who take advantage of ignorant clients.

Surface check

Before you embark on house wall painting exercise, ensure your walls are free of cracks, seepage, grease, dust, holes, bubbles/blistering, and uneven surfaces.

Prepare for the paint

Prepping is all that matters when you want quality house wall painting; whether commercial painting, residential painting or new house painting.  Surface checks, prepping the rollers and  patch test are all essential. The primer also makes a lot of difference when handling holes and cracks, giving it a smooth finish.

Safety check

While painting, ensure you cover the floor with drop cloth, the house is well ventilated and that the workers wear dust masks, gloves and shoes for safety.

Tips For Hiring Reliable Painters In Waltham MA

Easy Tips For Hiring Reliable Painters In Your Area!

Painting is one of the most economical ways of breathing new life into your office or home. However, don’t be fooled; it requires certain skill and expertise.

That is another way of saying that don’t expect best exterior paint results if you are attempting DIY painting projects. Experts strongly suggest that you should hire professional painters for your painting needs. They have the necessary experience, skill, and proper tools for the job. This enables them to complete the tasks efficiently and without any material wastage.

We have compiled a list of tips that can help you find the best painting company whether you need it for residential or commercial painting. Check it out below and let us know what you think of it;


How Long Has The Company Been In Business?

It is important to know because only experienced painters can deliver superb results when it comes to interior painting that requires finesse. That is why you should always rely on experienced painters. Experienced painters can devise effective strategies and can even come up with unique solutions to according to your needs.

Does It Offer Written Estimates?

Experts say that getting written estimates before you make a decision is a must. In fact, they are so important that any company that isn’t providing written estimates should not be hired. The same goes for the home painting services that provide estimates over the phone. Getting a written estimate helps you in protecting yourself from getting overcharged while enabling you to compare the cost of hiring different painting companies.

What About Warranty?

You should always procure the house painting services that stand behind their craft with a warranty. However, simply knowing that a warranty is being offered is not enough. You should learn in detail about the warranty policy including what is covered and for how long.


Customer Reviews

It is crucial that you check out the customer reviews of the painting company that you are thinking of hiring. Customer reviews can help you learn about the experiences of the previous customers of the company. You will find out about the various pros and cons of hiring the painting company and will also be able to make a fair assessment of how the company entertains its customers and if it should be hired.

Check The Paperwork

You should ask the painting company to provide you with copies of its paperwork. Once you have them, get them verified from your local authorities thus making sure that the painting company is properly licensed, insured, and certified.

These are just some of the tips that you can use when you are looking for expert painters in your area. However, if they feel like too much of a hassle; you can always simply reach out to Tom Sawyer Inc. for your painting needs!