Painting Interiors; Prep Is The Key Step


Either you have previously done it or trying for the first time, the goal is always a “flawless paint job”. The task is easier said than done, but obviously not an impossible one. Painting house interiors together with your family can be a fun way to connect with each other.

You don’t need rocket science to achieve a commendable paint job. Understanding a few tips and tricks before you start painting helps you a lot. You can avoid mistakes and reduce risks to quite a satisfactory level. But if you don’t like experimenting with new things, give us a call and we would provide you with the best residential painter.

interior painting of a house

If you have decided to do the interior painting job yourself, the key step is to prep. This key step is cumulative of smaller steps and failing at one sub-step could result in unsatisfactory results at the end.

1. Devise A Plan

Decide on what is crucial for this painting job and how much will it cost. Make a budget for the possible expenses. Do not be too idealistic and oversimplify things. Have a trip to the market and get ideas about the costs involved. A detailed analysis beforehand could save you from inconveniences midway.

 2. Get The Tools

No job can be carried out in its best possible way without the tools and gadgets. Either buy all the tools or borrow them from some friend. Or you can have a mix of both. Include ladders, paintbrushes, rollers, painters tape, painting trays, drop cloths, extension poles and sandpapers in the list.

3. Buy The Perfect Paint

Know your options of paint qualities and types before you buy it. Once you have decided about the color and type it is time to calculate the amount of paint you will need. You can seek help from a professional for estimating or use online resources for calculating it.

4. Pack The Furniture And Other Items

Before jumping on the ladder for painting interiors, it is essential to protect your furniture and other valuable items. Use drop cloths to cover all appliances and bigger furniture items. It is recommended to move smaller furniture into other rooms. Otherwise, you will be left with a small space for yourself and the ladder.

5. Protect Doors, Windows, And Floors

Cover the door knobs and switchboards with painting tape in order to avoid paint marks on them. Use window caulking. Securing the floors with paper drop cloths with tape could save you a lot of time and work once the job is completed.

interior painting of a house

6. Prepare The Walls

If you have old wallpaper, remove it completely. Scrape off the paint flanks. Preparing the walls means repairing the walls. Fill any holes and even out bumps using the sandpaper.

7. Apply Appropriate Primer

Applying the appropriate primer is the most important step of preparing. Priming your walls could lead you to amazing painted interiors. The primer provides the fine finish and it would appear as you had hired house painting services.