We provide seamless home painting services in Arlington MA, Belmont MA, Cambridge MA, Lexington MA, Lincoln MA and its surrounding areas. Whether you need interior painter or exterior painter, we have the right tools and expert professionals to cater to all your painting needs. A fresh coat of paint can beautify your property so let us help you with your existing and new house painting projects. Contact us today to know more about our services and know how we can make your property better by our expert services.

Exterior Residential Painting Services

We provide tailored plans to meet your ever-changing needs. Simply provide us the details and we will devise a custom plan especially for you. With our expert exterior painting services, you will incur the following benefits:

Beautify The House

Nothing can increase the beauty of your home than a fresh coat of paint on the exterior walls. Let us refresh the look of your house with the new coat of paint. Changing your address and moving to a new home? Impress your friends and family member with a fresh coat of paint.

New Colors

Tired of seeing the old rusty walls and paint spots on your favorite wall? Let us glamorize your house with the help of new colors. Our team of local painting contractors can mimic the appearance that you desire. They are well-versed with latest techniques and paint designs and can make your paint dreams come true.

Fresh Paint

Your search for the reliable painting contractors is over with Tom Sawyer Painting. We can handle projects of different sizes and give your home a fresh look with our diverse wall painting services.

Interior Residential Painting Services

Need to change the overall ambiance of your home? Let us provide expert interior painting services and give your home a much-needed fresh look.

Specialized Interior Services

We provide tailored services to meet your needs related to interior walls. Our painters are accustomed to all the decorative finishes including faux finish which will transform your home into a piece of art. Learn more by contacting us today and explore our diverse interior painting services.

New Furniture

Your new furniture does not match the walls? Worry no more as we provide expert home painter services that ensure the walls are in correlation with your new furniture items.

New Home

We can transform your new home into the house of your dreams with the help of our expert interior painting and exterior painting services. We make sure that all the scratches, paint spots and scuffed designs are removed with the help of expert painting services.

Our Residential Projects