Four Easy Ways to Make Your New Paint Shine Longer

Exterior Paint Color Ideas

New paint can bring any place back to life. The change in color brings in new vibes and energy which together uplifts the environment for as long as it remains in better shape. A lot of us even make promises to ourselves that we will now take great care of our paint, but unfortunately, that enthusiasm only stays till the time we get back to our old monotonous routine.

While the majority of homeowners are very much particular about cleanliness, they still ignore the fact that just like floors or corners of your house, taking care of your walls and new paint around is equally important. You might have spent a hefty amount on finding the right paint and residential painting service in MA, but it totally becomes useless as soon as the wall gets slightly dirty or when the paint begins to decolorize.

So in order to keep your walls in the best possible shape after getting a house painting service, here are a few things that you should do every once in a while.

  • Look out for dampness

Dampness can cause severe damage to your wall. The water coming in from the exterior side can result in a patch. Therefore it is your prime responsibility to see if any such sign exists on the wall and if there is any, then cure it as soon as possible.


This becomes equally important when one wants to repaint the house. Always try to spot cracks on the roof or wall which lets the water in and fill them. Sometimes water also comes in through seepage near water pipes in the kitchen and bathrooms.


Once you rectify the problem, leave the place to dry before you touch it with your paint brush. There is also an alternative option of applying epoxy waterproof coating on the internal wall which can significantly reduce the water absorption.

  • Inspect the Health of Your Wall

Even if you have just got your house repainted, thoroughly check the health of wall plaster because that is where the paint gets applied. So it needs to be in good health. If the plaster looks loose or has begun to sound hollow then it means that the plaster is getting detached from the brick wall and you need to mend it immediately.

mold on plaster walls

  • Take Extra Care of the corners

Corners are usually very sensitive and hence they can break up with an accidental hit. In fact, a slight amount of carelessness can destroy the overall look of your whole space as the coating of a corner will lose its shine and then cannot be fixed except for a repainting job.

house painting service for wooden beading Walls

The trick here is to install corner guards to protect them.  Covering the space with wooden beading can not only keep the people away but it can also go in flow with other furniture around.

  • Keep it clean by all means

Try to own your job just like painters. There is no doubt in the fact that your responsibility will be longer, but in the end, it is your house and keeping the wall cleaned from fungal infestation and dirt can contribute a great deal in retaining the overall value.