Do you need the services of interior and exterior expert painters?

Tom Sawyer Painting in Arlington MA is the solution to all your residential and commercial painting problems. Highly professional and with very affordable rates, we exhibit modern expertise in both interior and exterior painting. Tom Sawyer painting is the household name at every home in Arlington MA, where the interior and exterior painting makes you look twice with admiration.

Our areas of service include Arlington, Cambridge, Lincoln, Belmont, Newton, Weston, Dover, Winchester, Waltham, Medford and Lexington areas.

We have a team of professional interior and exterior painters in Massachusetts, USA. They have several years of experience and are well-versed with current trends in the interior and exterior design industry.

We provide seamless painting services, whether you need interior or exterior, painters in Arlington MA; Tom Sawyer painting has the right tools and professionals to meet your painting needs.


Services we offer:

  • Interior residential painting services
  • Exterior residential painting services
  • Interior commercial painting services
  • Exterior commercial painting services

  • House beautification- Improve the aesthetic appearance of your house through expert house painting and impress friends and family by the beauty you will realize. Nothing appeals to the eye more than color.
  • New colors and fresh paint for variety and to do away with old rusty paints that flake off your favorite walls.
  • Specialized interior decoration services- We provide tailored services to meet your needs in relation to interior walls painting. Our painters are accustomed to all decorative finishes including faux finish which will transform your house artistically.
  • New furniture- If you’ve acquired new furniture that does not match with the wall painting of your house, we can paint your house to match the color of your furniture.
  • New home- We transform your home through house painting to give you a result that makes your dream house a reality.

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Why our clients love us…

We offer high quality house painting services at very affordable rates, both interior and exterior painting.

We treat individual clients separately and render our house painting services according to the unique preference of each client.

We offer expert advice on interior and exterior painting choices to clients

We ensure that we keep our clients’ needs in mind. Our policy is that the customer’s house painting needs come first.

Our expert painters are well conversant with the latest house painting techniques, be it residential or commercial.

We deliver on time and do not interfere with client’s comfort as we go about our house painting business, especially interior painting which is the most sensitive in terms of client’s privacy.

If you live in Arlington MA and you are looking for the best house painting company for interior painting and exterior painting, Tom Sawyer painting is the ultimate solution. Be it interior residential, exterior residential, interior commercial or exterior commercial; there is no better place to look than Tom Sawyer painting. We have everything it takes from the best tools and materials, to the most skilled professional painters. Feel free to contact us for quick quotes and to indulge with the most creative artists in Arlington MA.